Freeport is a great city. It’s a strong independent city state who don’t need no king. It’s built on a river. To the south is the sea, to the northeast is a great forest housing an elven kingdom, upriver to the north are the mountains where a dwarven hold is located, and to the west, across another river is a friendly small human kingdom. They’ve got enough trouble from their eastern neighbors that they’re just glad to have their back to something that won’t eat them for lunch, and all the trade with Freeport is just gravy.

Government is democratic, and has a Mayor. The Mayor, Don Betwise, is nominally overseen by a hereditary lord. The current lord is Lord Steffan Dragonsbane. In case you’re wondering, that wasn’t his name at birth. He’s a badass.

The largest quarter of the city is Ardelberg, named for Lord Ardel, who was an important figure in history, made Freeport what it is today, a City of Adventurers! There are a number of guilds in the city that vie for contracts, prestige, and morally flexible young adventurers.

It’s weird when you stop and think about it. There seem to be a lot more monsters and evil wizards and stuff in this part of the world than most. It’s probably in part because Freeport doesn’t have fortresses or a standing army, it’s surrounded by frontier. But even still…it’s almost like there’s some sort of mysterious force at work…

In case you hadn’t picked up on it this is a mix between a tropey fantasy world and a big jumble of law school jokes.


Tales of the E-Squires stjohnmccloskey