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Welcome to Freeport

The city of guilds and adventurers awaits! The sounds of training adventurers and the shouting of guild masters ring through the grassy quads; the chatter of commerce and progress fill the market; the creaking of the ships echo through the fog down on the quays and docks; the laughter of watchmen as some associate guild member trips over himself in haste to find a “left handed smoke shifter” booms down a cobbled alley; the bell towers toll across the city to call the end of the day.

It’s not all chuckling children and clinking coins though, outside the walls there are unprotected villages, farms, fishermen and their families, mining towns and the haunted forest. Don’t stay outside the gates when the sun sets; get inside before the dead things come knocking.

There’s a great wide world to explore, and the lands around the city of Freeport are full of adventure and danger and epic loot. Get to it adventurer!

Here’s a quick and dirty table of contents I’ll try to keep useful:

Main Page

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