Tales of the E-Squires

The Ardellberg Gauntlet

Part 1

The first day of the Ardleberg Gauntlet went smoothly. The E-Squires met briefly, and decided against a whole lot of chatting or exploring and hit the hay early to get started on the games. An exotic group of would-be adventurers were thrown together as E-Squires: Aegor the elf druid (Aaron), Throndil the elf ranger (Kelcie), Astralalafel the elf bard, Friedrich the human thief, and Zap the dwarf cleric.

At dawn on the first day, they got a great start on the trials of OCI, beginning with the Trial of Justice. The investigation into the death of a young girl was completed thoroughly, quickly, and fairly through the quick thinking of Zap the cleric, summoning the spirit of the victim for interrogation, netting 8 points from the judges.

After the Trial of Justice the E-Squires moved on to the Freeport Bazaar for the Trial of Shadows. Aegor, taking the form of a crow flew to the middle of the Bazaar, spotting another adventurer making for the token required for completing the challenge, and was preparing to swoop in while Fredrich and Astralafel distracted the crowd. Throndil’s animal companion scared off the other thief just as a mage competitor teleported the token to himself and began running. Using Aegor’s speed and Throndil’s tracking skills, and Fredrich’s sharp eyes the E-Squires catch the other adventurer, take the coin, and tie it to the leg of the pigeon so as to escape the bazaar without giving the guards the opportunity to stop them, earning 5 points.

The group then moved to the Grinning Sphinx Tavern to take part in the Trial of the Sphinx, where they answered 9 riddles correctly, taking 9 points, it’s been going very well, but it’s getting late and the group knows other groups have been splitting up (sometimes with success and sometimes without).

Heading to the twisted alleys by the Freeport docks, the group began the Trial of Cunning with a genius plan to capture the wily alley cat, Black Tom. Aegor was used as bait, turning into a mouse to tempt the cat into coming out of hiding; Fredrich, Throndil, Astralafel, and Zap set a trap, climaxing in Fredrich nabbing the cat into a sack, and delivering him to the judge for 5 points.

There are 5 points still available at the Trial of the Titanslayer, at the Trial of the Lost Ship, at the Trial of Might, and the Trial of Fury. The team doesn’t have much time left on the second day, but have a very high score; they have been very successful so far!

The third and final day of the competition is taken by the Trial of Speed, a relay race around the city, by far the most exciting event; the victorious team receives 20 points, second place is worth 15, third is worth 10, and fourth place is worth 5.



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