Tales of the E-Squires

Hello everybody

Hey gang. I’m changing things up. I’m sorry, but I am scrapping the old campaign. It wasn’t unsalvageable or anything, I just thought it would need a lot of work and it would be sorta iffy story-wise to continue. I’ve done some work on a new one that I feel will be way better. It also leaves the door open for lots of law-jokes.

You play as adventurers [lawyers] who will compete in a contest [oci] to work for a guild [firm]. If this hits a little too close to home I’ll just remind you that it’s all going to be ok, and you’ll all be in a great guild together. Or a bad one…I guess that depends on how well you do in the contest. But you’ll be “randomly” assigned to a team together, and that team will get drafted by the guilds. So you’ll be together! and you’ll get a place. Hooray!

I’ll reach out to each of you separately to find out who you want to play and where you are from, and if not from the area, why you are coming to Freeport. I’d like to try to get character creation out of the way so we can jump right into playing!

Everything on here is just an idea, and it all can be changed, so if you think of something funnier or more epic or awesome or gritty and realistic or just more fun, always always always tell me!

I’m really looking forward to this, I think it should be great. So the story so far is that you’ve come to this competition for starting adventurers, and you’ve been “randomly” assigned to work with these other schmucks in the contest. Hope they’re good!



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