Tales of the E-Squires

The Ardellberg Gauntlet

Part 2

During the second half of the day the E-Squires picked up more points, surely taking the lead over other teams before the trial of speed.on the third day of the festival.

In order to complete the Trial of the Lost Ship, Aaegor took the form of a trout to find the tokens, and then signaled to Astralafel before losing control of his powers, turning back into an elf at the worst possible time, almost drowning before Throndil rescued him. Zap laughed. Astralafel, taking the signal, swam to the bottom, and tied a rope around a token, proving his great endurance. Then Astralafel, Aegor, Throndil, and Zap hauled the weight to the shore, as Fredrich cleverly stole a token from another contestant, throwing it back into the river to slow down another team. Once the token was brought to the surface, the team took it to the judge for 5 points.

The party then ran for the Trial of Fury, which meant a battle against another team. The E-Squires found themselves up against a dwarven engineer with a hammer, a human thief with a magical amulet, a human sorceress with blue hair, a human priest with a mace, and a human scholar with smoked spectacles. During the fight, the scholar’s glasses were smashed by Zap, who received a fair beating himself. Friedrich and the thief went mano y mano, and Friedrich cam out victorious (by a hair). Aegor transformed into a great bear, and had no trouble barreling down enemies. Astralafel stuck to his rapier instead of using his bardic inspiration, jumping in where he was needed, and Throndil used her bow to great effect before accidentally snapping the string. In the end, all but the engineer were knocked unconscious, at which point the engineer surrendered, and the E-Squires won 5 points.

At the Trial of Might the team attempted to roll a great boulder up a hill. To pull the boulder, Aegor tried to turn into a Moose, but lost control of his powers and turned into a goose instead, which turned out to be a great help when he made a beeline for the Trial of the Titanslayer. There he was able to retrieve the token from the top of the pole just before the games ended, earning another 5 points.



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