The History of Freeport

Long, long ago (Ancient history):

  • Lord Ardel funded a few adventurers, furnished them with equipment and sent them on a minor quest. As they did not returning, they were presumed to have died, and became nothing more than a sad memory for Lord Ardel.
    • Years later, Freeport was suddenly attacked by a Dragon, Graxtorax, and the adventurers returned from far off lands as great heroes to the town just in time to save the people.
    • The adventurers called themselves The Company of the Radiant Heart
      • Oswin the Brave – His courage rallied the people of Freeport.
      • Ariel Starheart – Her magic quelled the dragon’s flames, sparing this great city.
      • Jackson Arithal – His arrows struck true, slaying the fearsome dragon.
      • Melissa Arithal – Her healing spells saved the lives of countless Freeport citizens.
    • The adventures, when proclaimed the town’s saviors humbly refused the praise, and pointed to the generosity of Lord Ardel which allowed them to become powerful heroes (demonstrating the capital is more praiseworthy than labor).
    • The portion of town that needed to be rebuilt was named Ardelberg in his honor, and a great contest for adventurers has been held by the patrons of the city in his honor ever since.
    • This contest has been used as a recruitment tool for all of the adventurer guilds of the city and is called Ardelberg Gauntlet, though to the guild hopefuls it is known as the Overly Complex Initiation or OCI.
  • Even after the dragon Graxtorax was killed, the lands surrounding the city have been plagued by a sorta surprising number of monsters, demons, cults, evil wizards, and the like, and so has always attracted adventurers to deal with the problems and reap all the sweet sweet loot.
    • There are wizard towers and dungeons all around the city, which seem to consistently fill up with inhabitants. Even though many have been cleared out before, new denizens seem to arrive somewhat regularly.
    • The wizard’s college hypothesizes that there is some corrupting magical energy source in the haunted forest which caused events such as the uncanny habit of the dead to rise again in the forest. But frankly they’re probably talking out their ass.
      • The locals always bury their dead deep, or cut off the heads and burn the bodies if there isn’t the chance for a burial. That particular effect hasn’t been observed for many years, but the histories talk about it…

More recently (~50 years):

  • The two greatest heroes of an age, Fearsome Forbus and the Unknown Wizard scoured the land, building incredible wealth and prestige through their great deeds.
    • Forbus had tons of magical weapons and accoutrements, and was also a fearsome warrior (hence the name).
    • The Unknown Wizard discovered how to not forget spells, also made everyone forget what he looked like and his name and stuff! Pretty sweet.
    • With their enormous wealth, they built a secret underground fortress they called Xallevyrx in a location that was hidden, and has since been lost.
  • Everything looked like it was calming down, the forces of evil were beaten down and whimpering in their holes.
  • Zamzomarr, the evil wizard, came onto the scene unexpectedly and killed the two greatest heroes ever. And the secret base was lost. So that sucked.
    • Thus began a reign of terror. Zamzomarr ruled evil minions from his iron wizard’s tower, people were killed, babies were eaten, things were rough.

Very recently (~5 years):

  • Then it got worse. The “Dragon Army” came, comprised mostly of orcs and goblins, but lead by a dragon. They rampaged through the countryside, and with the help of Zamzomarr, made it really bad for everyone around. Entire villages were burned to the ground.
    • Lord Steffan (Spoiler alert: now called Dragonsbane) raised an army comprised of many adventures, mercenaries, and guardsmen, but also civilian men, and small contingents of professional soldiers from the neighboring elven, dwarven, and human kingdoms.
    • Lord Steffan Killed the dragon and mostly smashed the “Dragon Army”, beheading Zamzomarr and also accidentally losing his magic sword, blessed by the god of war.
    • After he sundered their host the remnants of the orcs and goblins moved west toward the neighboring human kingdom, so he chased the remnants of the army west, breaking them into smaller and smaller bands until it was no longer a great threat.
      **Lord Steffan subsequently retired from military rule, leaving a hardened town guard under the control of Belrain Swordsinger.
      *Much of Lord Steffan’s army disbanded and became adventurers to clean up the surrounding area, and there’s much left to do! The bands of orcs and goblins still left have filled up all of the dungeons that once were empty, not to mention they’ve done some looting themselves…and looting from looters seems like a great idea!


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