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Tales of the E-Squires

As the fifth team of guild hopefuls in the Overly Complex Initiation process in Freeport. You will be competing against other teams of squires A through D to attract the attention of the big guilds (white gauntlet guilds, bigadventure, whatever you want to call them). Technically you’re competing against the F-Squires too, but they look like a bunch of idiots.

Oh, and as I’m sure you’ll do spectacularly congratulations on making it through the Overly Complex Initiation process, and on this wonderful position at a prestigious guild! They’ll work you hard…but…hmm. Well at least OCI will be over!

This is a Dungeon World Game, so if you think of something better let’s talk about it! Some of this isn’t all that funny or epic or gritty and realistic, I’d always love feedback on what you like and don’t like. This is just a starting place. I have some ideas, and I think this is going to be an assload of fun.

Home Page

Tales of the E-Squires stjohnmccloskey